Is weed good for health? how many types of weed have? Did weed help us to heal any disease ?

Is weed good for health? how many types of weed have? these are some of the questions instead of a lot.Relaxation breathing , Alzheimer’s disease , Appetite loss,cancer,Cohan’s disease,Eating disorders , Epilepsy,Glaucoma ext. are the disease which are gone treated under medical marijuana

As we all know smoking is injurious for health and we have to quit smoking if we are still doing. weed is famous from lord shiva’s centuries . according to shiv vivah or shiv puran , relaxation breathing is a part of weed process , weed  is the favorite meal of lord shiva . lord shiva love to have weed because they need to control their 6th sense . For managing the poison holed by their throat.

Rig veda 

relaxation breathing

says clearly that lord Shiva had poison as requested by the other gods. lord Shiva had all the poison in their throat that’s why the called as neelkanth.

If we talk about about weed their is two type of weed :-

relaxation breathing

The two significant sorts of weed originate from two distinct types of the Cannabis plant: Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa.

The various sorts of weed fluctuate dependent on both the kind of weed plant they originate from and furthermore in the impacts they have on an individual or the

As of late, a third strain, Cannabis ruderalis, has additionally been utilized to make weed.

It has lower levels of THC and is fundamentally utilized for restorative weed.

Also, half and half strains have been made that are a blend of the two significant species.

Individuals who use maryjane will for the most part decide to utilize a kind of weed dependent on the impact they need to have.

While each type is known for its distinctive impact, one individual’s experience may change extraordinarily from another’s.

The course of organization (for example smoking or eating) can likewise incredibly impact the impact the kind of weed will have.

Cannabis indica began in the Hindu “Kush” area, close to Afghanistan.

Since it originates from a chilly, precipitous atmosphere, it will in general be shorter and resemble a shrubbery.

The leaves are darker, more full and rounder than the sativa plant.

The buds will in general develop in clusters.


relaxation breathing

creates a lot of THC and low degrees of CBD and, hence, it is viewed as a solid weed.

It will in general be unwinding or calming, here and there making individuals who devour it need to simply hang out on the lounge chair.

Hence, it is usually utilized around evening time before heading to sleep.

It makes to a greater degree a “body high” because of its loosening up impacts.relaxation breathing is make an major impact while healing under the weed at high THC attack.

In light of its calming impacts, indica is regularly utilized by individuals who experience a sleeping disorder.

An ongoing report demonstrated that more individuals discovered alleviation from sleep deprivation and agony when utilizing the indica strain, contrasted with sativa.

This impact might be an aftereffect of the more significant levels of THC.

Cannabis sativa starts from hotter atmospheres, for example, Mexico and South Africa, and will in general become extremely tall with long, slight leaves.

It will blossom under certain light conditions, which requires haziness for over 11 hours per day.


relaxation breadthing

has lower levels of THC contrasted with indica, and more significant levels of CBD, giving it progressively equivalent degrees of the two synthetic substances.

The sativa strains have stimulating impacts, and individuals frequently expend weed from these strains in the first part of the day or evening.

A few people guarantee that the strain permits them to concentrate more and be progressively inventive. C.

Because of its temperament lifting and invigorating impacts, sativa will in general be utilized by individuals who have melancholy or weariness.

It has likewise been depicted to alleviate a portion of the side effects of ADHD and other state of mind issue.

Half and half strains are made by cross growing the seeds of the two regular strains of Cannabis trying to deliver impacts of both.

Most strains generally developed today are half breeds instead of unadulterated indica or sativa.

The half and halves are typically portrayed dependent on the overwhelming impact they have.

Cannabis ruderalis is another species that was first found in southern Russia. C.

ruderalis becomes shorter than the other two types of weed and has flimsy, sinewy stems with huge leaves.

It is likewise an autoflowering plant, implying that it will bloom contingent upon the age of the plant instead of the light conditions.


relaxation breathing

has extremely low degrees of THC contrasted with different strains, making it once in a while utilized for recreational purposes.

It is all the more generally utilized in therapeutic pot.

Normal or Coveted Strains of Weed and Effects

There are specific sorts of weed strains that are more typical than others and some that are pined for their unprecedented impacts.relaxation breathing is one of the major concept of applying weed in routine.

With the capacity to make half and halves that mix the impacts of both indica and sativa strains, there are currently “originator strains” of weed that are reared for

New kinds of weed at times have intriguing names, which are typically founded on their belongings, source, or the manner in which they show up or smell.

A few models include: Purple Urkle, Willy’s Wonder, Permafrost, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough and Island Sweet Skunk.

Coming up next are a couple of the normal or desired strains of weed and the impacts they are known to have:

Acrid Diesel is a sort of half breed strain that for the most part has the profoundly invigorating impacts of sativa, yet in addition has a portion of the physical

The high for the most part brings about a head surge.

It is named for the gas like compound smell that its blossoms make.

It will in general have a sharp or skunky taste that a few people find terrible.

Harsh Diesel will in general be utilized by individuals who have mellow pressure, tension or gloom.

It has likewise been accounted for to calm body a throbbing painfulness.

A few people use it to build their hunger when they are encountering a diminished want to eat.

In certain individuals, the high from harsh diesel can be overpowering and lead to sentiments of neurosis. this variety of weed used for relaxation breathing also.

This is in all probability because of its high THC content.

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