Facts of kailash mansarovar yatra !Why kailash range is not climbed by humans? Is this place is restricted to go?

kailash mansarovar yatra

Mount kailash is name of kailash mountain that is located in china .kailash mansarovar yatra is very famous in hindus to go.. if we tend to remark Hindu’s granths (Vishnu puran) the mountain states that its four faces ar created from gold, crystal , ruby and opaque gem.   It’s a pillar of world and is found at the center of six mountains that symbolized as lotus.
Mount kailash have mentioned in several traditions and rituals. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and bon provide a lot of privilege for this mountain as a result of these religions have reading their religious books and therein this mountain have vital role.

In Hinduism

In Hinduism kailash mansarovar yatra is one in every of the bestb place to explore and to seek out out their lord shiva vibes. In Hinduism folks believe that kailash could be a place of lord shiva wherever he lives along with her spouse and childrens Ganesa and kartika.

In Jainism

According to Jainism scriptures , Asthapada the mountain next to the kailash could be a place wherever tghe initial faith Trithankara Rishabhadeva earned moksha.

In Buddhism
Kailash mountain is understood as meru mount in Buddhism books. consistent with Vajrayna Buddhists mount meru (mount kailash) is home of Buddha Cakrasamvara.

In bon

In Asian country there’s a faith named as bon .bon maintain that the whole mystical region of kailash . that they known as “Nine – story allegory Mountain”.

Is kailash mount climbed by any human ?

Mount kailash is 6638m on top of water level and there’s no drawback to travel there. as a result of Everest 8848 m on top of water level and there’s drawback to breathe and high hypoxia.

China permits some man of science to travel there loads of your time however sadly once they go there to explore the climate created them to maneuver backward.
Everyone World Health Organization wish to climb mount kailash have to be compelled to came back vacant bimanual.

Kailash mansarovar yatra is unionized by Chinese government for each faith however you’ve got to get hold of that and you’ve got to require Chinese visa .
On April sixteen registration are started for the yatra and kailash mansarovar yatra is started from Gregorian calendar month eight to September eight if you wish to register yourself click


This place isn’t restricted for humans however you’ve got to require permission from Chinese authority if you wish to explore, however if you wish to climb there’s restriction for that .

Miracles at Kailash Mansarovar

Let me tell you  miracle of lord Shiva , Madhya Pradesh agar malwa wife mandir (hindu temple) is known for get blessings of god. If anyone will go there and create any want with true heart then lord shiva create that want happen.

This temple of Madhya Pradesh is established by a British officer kernel martin .
Kernel martin was visited war in Islamic State of Afghanistan and his family and spouse lives in Asian nation .

At that point they send letter to every alternative for language.
Miss. Martin lives in malwa at that point .Miss martin got distressed as a result of kernel martin didn’t post any letter to her.
Everyday Miss Martin sees folks getting to temple for creating needs and a few of the celebrating as a result of their needs are happened. In the future she determined to create a want.

She visited the temple and makes want that if her husband came back or he sends any post then she’s going to make the temple.
As expected kernel martin sends a letter to miss.

Martin that his troop is cornered during a state of affairs wherever a person with trishul and sporting a tiger fabric saves them from that state of affairs and Miss Martin was afraid she told kernel regarding her want and kernel martin won’t believe that.

He thought that it had been perhaps a coincidence.
After finishing his mission kernel came back to Asian nation and told regarding the incidence. Miss Martin took kernel to the temple to give thanks god for creating her want triple-crown.
But the scene was completely different kernel told miss sales outletin that this man World Health Organization is within the image saved them from afghan’s army therein state of affairs. Mr. and miss. Martin determined to make the temple that is found in Madhya Pradesh malwa space.
And there are too several miracles that is much stories regarding lord shiva . thus we will say that their isn’t less chemical element level , water level is medium to climb and scrutiny with Everest kailash mount isn’t looks tough for climb .

however still nobody on this planet World Health Organization dare to climb mount kailash thus we’ve to admit that mount kailash is place of lord shiva , wherever nobody will select making disturbance.

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